Birthday Proposal in Houston, Texas

I had the pleasure of hearing all about how Victor planned a surprise proposal for Chloe when I photographed their engagement session. Victor and Chloe are such a fun-loving couple! They hardly stopped smiling as we danced through the streets during their shoot. The two first met back in college in Houston, doing what college students do; enjoying a night out on the town with their sororities. It was just like any other night, that was until the two stumbled into one another’s lives.

Victor said he knew he wanted to marry Chloe from the night they met. But, their love story didn’t truly begin until a few years afterward, when they unexpectedly ran into one another. Finally, Victor mustered up the courage to ask Chloe out, and after one date to Torchy’s Tacos, the rest was history. 

The years flew by and Victor knew he was ready to pop the question. He had initially planned to propose on a weekend trip with their friends. But, when Chloe’s family planned their own birthday celebration, he knew it would be the perfect opportunity to seize the element of surprise. So, quickly and quietly, Victor let everyone know what he was planning a birthday proposal at the event. 

An engaged couple sits in the sun and remembers their engagement proposal
A couple begins the proposal process of getting married
A young couple holds their dogs in a bright park

Planning the Proposal

Sparkling string lights were hung from beams and tressels, each with a photo of Chloe delicately clipped to the wire; it was perfect. The night went on full of love and laughter – Chloe had no idea what was coming. Then, as the sun began to set, the karaoke commenced. Victor and Chloe sang their usual duet song together – “All My Life” by K-Ci & JoJo, a millennial classic. Victor then proposed a toast to Chloe, welcoming her to her thirties. It was then that he began the proposal and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Of course, she said yes!

Victor loves everything about Chloe, but he says her patience inspires him most; it has taught him to be more patient himself and has allowed for growth in their relationship. For Chloe, it’s the fact that the two have completely opposite personalities but come together on the important things. She’s a laid-back kind of girl, and Victor is the organized and punctual type. The two are a team and lean on one another to navigate through the ups and downs. 

Together, the two are a perfect match; they’re constantly out enjoying life with their friends. Whether they’re giggling through the streets or roaming around on OneWheels, they definitely aren’t lacking adventure. Between traveling, finding new spots to eat, and binging their favorite Netflix show, these two are always on the go. And the best part is at the end of the day when it’s time to quiet down; these two can enjoy the company of one another and focus on the love that got them there.

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A young couple holds each other in a park in Houston, Texas while reminiscing about their proposal story.