cotton candy sky // jenny and randall // brooklyn bridge park engagement

As a professional photographer, one the most self-rewarding things that can ever happen in your career is to be part of the highlight moments in the life of others.

I had met Jenny and Randall some time ago as the sweetest couple ever. I covered the exciting event of their engagement session truly makes you feel part of their cherished life experiences. And I cannot stop to express how thankful and inspired I am by this.

During engagement photo sessions you have this feeling of pure happiness which surrounds everybody while the photos are being taken. For this engagement session, we picked the location of the Brooklyn Bridge Park, because of the surreal scenery it has. The view of Manhattan from Brooklyn is just beautiful during summertime. It is like having an amazing collage of different natural and urban environments in the same area. You have the beach rocks, the East River, the  iconic NYC bridges, urban buildings and green areas too. Along with flowers blossoming and everything happening right in front of your eyes.

Jenny and Randall are such an exciting couple to have a photoshoot with. They were in a great mood throughout the whole afternoon. This helps so much when trying to get the best out of any engagement session. Another carefully picked detail is the time of day to shoot. One can never go wrong with sunset. The cotton candy color of the sky and textures that the sun coming down gave them really helped to capture their love. The clouds looked beautifully painted as if they were cotton candy clouds just placed in the blue sky.

In engagement sessions, props are always welcome. For engagement props, I often suggest specific ones a client can bring, but in the case of Jenny and Randall, they chose to bring ¨ Roxie¨ their beloved dog. With her, props became secondary. Roxie is their ever loved dog, and she was definitely the cherry on top of the day. I often suggest and plan a timeline for the photoshoot but I also give my clients as much freedom as possible. So whether you would like you photos done at Jane’s Carousel, Brooklyn Bridge Park, inside Manhattan, the Skyline, or the World Trade Center, the city is our oyster!

All the planning, preparing, and execution is done together as a team in order to bring out the best of each and every session. I just love to make dream photos of my clients come to life. I am just so grateful to be able to be part of these special moments in people’s lives.

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