Engagement Shoot in Tribeca

Jacqueline and Joesph (Jac and Joe for short) are the sweetest couple around. I had such a lovely day strolling through Tribeca with them! The two are high school sweethearts who met when Jac was a junior and Joe was a senior. Jac went to an all-girls school in Brooklyn, and Joe to an all-boys, so they were connected by mutual friends.

“At first I did not like Joe – a few of the other girls had crushes on him and he was just too obnoxious for me! After spending some time together, Joe realized he started liking me. In the beginning, I was hesitant to give it a try but then I thought, ‘What the heck. We’re young and he’s cute, it’s not like I have to marry this kid.’ We were so young!”

Engaged couple standing together in Manhattan street in front of black SUV
Couple sitting on steps wearing sunglasses for urban engagement photos
Engaged couple looking into each others eyes sitting on steps

Joe asked Jac to be his girlfriend on August 25, 2008. It was a humid summer night, and the two had just gotten back from roaming the streets talking and eating ice cream. They still consider this night their anniversary!

The Proposal

Joe proposed to Jac in Arizona. The duo was on a weekend trip with a few friends and decided to do the Devil’s Bridge hike. Jacqueline remembers her girlfriend being so giddy and constantly saying that the day was going to be magical. She never clued in to what was going to unfold!

As they approached the bridge, Jac remembers Joe seeming a little nervous. She just assumed it was because of the small space! The bridge is so skinny, you’re not allowed more than 2-3 people crossing at once. The Devil’s Bridge is a tourist hotspot, so Jac didn’t think anything of her friends taking photos of the two of them on the bridge. All of a sudden, Joe grabbed her by the shoulders and dropped down onto one knee – you can guess what happened next!

Engagement Photos in Tribeca

Jac is from Queens and Joe is from Brooklyn, so they are definitely city kids. As teenagers growing up in NYC, Jac and Joe would often hop on the N train or drive Joe’s Jeep into Manhattan almost every weekend!

“This borough has shaped who we are as individual adults and as a couple, so there was no question that our engagement shoot had to take place here.”

Having the urban vibe of Tribeca as the backdrop was perfect for their engagement photos!

Engaged couple standing together wearing sunglasses in streets of Tribeca