Additional Wedding Services

One of the first things to think about for your wedding day is the Wedding Photographer. However, you may find yourself looking for additional wedding services in New York. Jenny Fu has a team of professionals to ensure the highest quality that a wedding requires. Take a look at the list below!

Additional Services: Videographers

One of the most popular additional services for your wedding is the videographer. Videos will amaze you, your spouse, and your guests. Additionally, they can be used as a wedding favor to be sent as a thank you to your relatives and friends. You can even share videos on social media so that you can show them to friends and relatives not present will be possible live during your viewing. Although Jenny Fu Studio does not offer videography services, we have a list of videographers we can recommend.

A bride and groom walk out the massive doors at St Patricks Cathedral in New York City
A bride looks out the window of an old classic cab in New York City

Additional Services: Digital Compositing

Photo editing is one of the most popular additional services, because everyone loves for their wedding phtoos to look absolutely perfect. Because of their expertise, they will lead you to have no problem throughout your wedding. There is no limit to what can be created in the wedding photos. They know the best way and technology to assure the quality.

Additional Services: What not to expect

At your wedding, they will create impactful photographs exclusively in a reportage style. Since they prefer naturalness, they will never position you in pose after dressing. They will not take you outside the wedding location to get good photographs. The processing of your wedding photographs will be meticulously carried out by Jenny’s team. They will give you a touch of uniqueness with their cinematic style.

A bride and groom smile in the back of a classic NYC cab with white and pink roses