Professional Photographers

The steep decrease in the price of photo equipment and technological advances has led wedding photographers to deal with a much more experienced and knowledgeable clientele. Does this mean that it takes a long time to think about the idea of ​​hiring a professional wedding photographer? Surely not! Your wedding is a unique day and will never happen twice the same. So, here are few reasons which will strengthen your point of view on the idea of entrusting this task to a seasoned professional and not to an amateur.

The professional photographer offers valuable advice

Consulted sufficiently in advance of other providers, a professional photographer will be able to give you valuable advice in order to optimize the progress of your wedding and, consequently, your images. It is often said that wedding photographers could very well enlist the profession of a wedding planner. Indeed, they face many unforeseen events or hazards on D-Day. Armed with this experience, Jenny Fu knows how to make you benefit while warning you on certain delicate and essential points. And that only a professional photographer with experience can assure you.

The professional photographer, a unique expertise

Recruiting a professional photographer for your wedding means being able to count on a person 100% dedicated to this task, to whom you may have requirements (quality, support, deliverable, etc.). Above all, a professional brings you his expertise. They will;

  • Use quality equipment, has spare devices in case of breakdown
  • Master 100% the timing of the wedding and the particularities of the reception venue
  • Be present for the entire duration of the event if you ask and fully devoted to his work
  • Know how to be discreet while putting your guests at ease
  • Guide you throughout the couple photoshoot
  • Select the most beautiful photos of the wedding to deliver an exceptional report
  • Send you to the agreed deadlines of the best quality photographs in the formats of your choice
A beautiful bride shows off her wedding dress before her wedding
A bride laughing an smiling
A man and woman kissing on a rooftop in New York City on their wedding day
A bride and groom signing their marriage papers
A bride raises her wedding bouquet in the air and smiles

Your professional photographer helps you out of all the bad spots during the wedding!

Marriage is also the day of all the unforeseen. The rain can come without warning, a piece of the cake can decide to fall on the bride’s dress, the passage to the town hall can take longer than expected and shift the entire program of the day.

In such situations, your photographer is there to help you out. He previously studied the sheltered places where it is possible to carry out a shooting in artificial light. He worked on the timing to optimize the time spent shooting the couple photoshoot and can advise you and your guests on original and spontaneous poses. In short, you can count on him no matter what!

Quality photos: Choose a report in your image

Choosing a professional photographer is also choosing a certain style of photography. If you prefer fine art, rock’n’roll, or offbeat style, you will opt for a photographer specializing in such atmospheres. You are thus guaranteed to obtain photos that you like!

Marriage is the celebration of your love, the happiest day of your life, a daydream, a moment of pure magic. This is why it is really indispensable to call on a professional photographer for your photos! For more information, check out the rest of my website!

A bride and groom kissing after their wedding in the streets of Manhattan