Same-Sex Weddings in NYC

Same-sex weddings! Couples have the freedom to follow conventional wedding guidelines and traditions, or break out and do their own thing even more so than other couples. The good news is that the sky is, literally, the limit when it comes to planning a wedding that represents both of you! 

How amazing is that?

The bad news is that so many choices and such a wide-open slate can make it tough to nail down the things you DO want to include in your wedding. So, if you’re planning a same-sex wedding, here are some quick tips to make it easier for you make sure you are adding in all the parts that are exactly you!

Traditions? We don’t need no stinkin’ traditions…

Said that in my best Al Pacino’s Scarface voice. Same-sex weddings are technically not traditional so, hey, forget about all those old and stale wedding traditions and make some of your own! Everybody’s been to a wedding, so think about the parts you really loved and think about how you can include those in your day, but give them your own twist! 

I love the idea of walking down two separate aisles at the same time and meeting up to walk the last bit up to the altar together! Or sharing a wedding party with your closest friends! Or tossing a silk tie instead of a garter! There’s nothing holding you back, so think about the things you love most about weddings, each other, and your life together and work them into your own custom wedding design. Whatever you choose to do, it will totally kick butt! The bottom line here? It’s your wedding, do it your way!

Do you have a passion for fashion?

Again, let your imagination run wild! Two white dresses? Two different dresses? Two matching tuxes? Two different suits? Matching ski suits? It doesn’t matter what you wear, what matters is how you wear it! So go crazy! Dress it up, dress it down, find outfits that make you feel amazing and roll with it. 

Let’s talk about same-sex wedding portraits!

Remember that same-sex weddings don’t need to be traditional or set in stone, so neither are same-sex couples portraits. Remember, to get what you want, you have to share what you want! To get the best images, make sure you share your likes and dislikes with your photographer. If one of you identifies as more masculine or feminine than the other and you want your portraits set up that way, let them know. The same goes if that’s not the case. If you want photos taken in a secluded location, let your photographer know. The same goes if you love a good PDA portrait! The more open and candid you can be about your hopes and expectations for portraits, the more magical those images will turn out. 

Be careful what venue you book!

Despite these modern and hip times. some people are still living in the dark ages so not everybody is as open to same-sex weddings and marriage equality. This is quickly changing (although not fast enough), but it’s still important to let your venue of choice know, right from the get-go, that you’re having a same-sex wedding. Hopefully, they’ll be professional and fantastic to deal with, but if they aren’t, walk away! Nobody has time for that and there are plenty of gay-friendly wedding venues in NYC (and so many other parts of the country).

No matter how you set your same-sex wedding up, the most important thing is that you get to say I do it you get to do it your way!

If you and your partner are looking for a wedding photographer for your wedding, please do not hesitate in reaching out to me, or taking a look at my work over on my Instagram!

two asian men who are newlyweds pose for same-sex wedding portraits out in the New York countryside with jenny fu studio