Ron and Mark’s Vow Renewal At The Skylark // NYC, NY

Ron & Mark’s 20th Anniversary

June is Pride Month, and at Jenny Fu Studio, we thought there was no better way to celebrate than to feature same-sex weddings we’ve shot in the past! To kick things off, we have to start with Ron and Mark. The two have been together for over 20 years, so the couple had a lot to celebrate.

Same sex wedding in New York City
Same sex wedding in New York City

“As a gay couple, we were not able to legally marry until 2011. The day it became legal in New York City (shortly after we moved here,) we were at the courthouse, making it happen. Because of that, we didn’t have time to plan and invite family and friends to be with us.”

Life in New York and excelling at their careers was busy for Ron and Mark, and they did not get the chance to celebrate with a wedding reception. As Ron’s 50th birthday approached in 2019, the duo realized it would also be their 20th anniversary of being together. (2019 also marked the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots. If you aren’t familiar, we highly recommend taking a look at what happened here in NYC in ’69!)

Gay marriage, Pride Month, Ron and Mark, NYC
Gay wedding, same sex wedding, NYC
The Skylark New York City, Jenny Fu Studio, NYC

A Night to Remember

Ron and Mark invited their families to New York for Ron’s 50th/the wedding reception they never had. They then decided to surprise their guests with a secret vow renewal! The couple was able to include family, old and new friends, and even some who traveled long distances. Ron’s friend from high school visited from the Philippines. Others even came from Sweden. This was the first opportunity in many years they were able to have both of their families under the same roof. This of course, made the event much more special. 

Once the couple realized they wanted to keep their guest count under 100, they started to look for the perfect space. The two wanted to find a venue that would feel like a quintessential “New York experience” for their out of towners. When Ron and Mark saw the Skylark – intimate and modern but full of energy with an incredible view – they knew it was perfect.

Husband and husband, Ron and Mark, NYC
Husband and husband holding hands , NYC
Gay wedding in New York City, Pride Month, Ron and Mark
Ron and Mark's wedding at the Skylark, NYC

The celebration started on Friday evening with a big dinner in Chinatown for 40 guests. As Saturday came along, Mark and Ron had a private “posed” photoshoot in several different rooms; including the pool room and patio at the Skylark.

Ron and Mark's wedding cake at the Skylark
Table settings at the Skylark in New York City, blush design
Guests waiting for the groom and groom
The Skylark in New York City, Pride Month
Ron and Mark sharing a kiss, NYC

“It dawned on us that this was truly ‘our night.’ The night we had been planning and waiting to share with our families and friends. Jenny caught a picture with just Mark and me, and it brought us back to 20 years ago when we started dating. The love that bonded us all together in that room was palpable. It’s still evident from all of the photos. We have never seen anything like that. It was truly a testament of our loving and supportive families, and a celebration of love, joy, and happiness.”

Ron and Mark embracing at their wedding reception, NYC
Husband and husband sharing a moment together
New York City
Husband and husband eating cake
Ron and mark taking photos together, NYC
Ron and Mark kissing at the Skylark, NYC


Featured: The Knot

Venue: The Skylark NYC

Photography: Jenny Fu

Florist: Blush Designs NY

Tuxedos: My Suit

Engagement Rings: Tiffany & Co.

Wedding Bands: Harry Winston

Stationery: Minted

Catering/Cake: Abigail Kirsch Catering

Music: Scratch Weddings Favors: Zazzle

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