The Micro Wedding

Does having a micro wedding seem like it’s becoming the new normal after the coronavirus? At this point, who knows. But it does seem likely that weddings will have to drastically reduce in size over the next 6 months to a year. Gone are the days of grand parties of 300+ people! But, is that so bad? 

Micro Wedding = Micro Budget

For one, your budget won’t have to be big! With fewer people invited to your celebration, you can spend more of your budget on the things that really matter to you. You’ll be able to put more towards things like food, wine, gift bags, or even accommodations. With fewer guests in attendance, it may also be easier to achieve those Pinterest ideas you’ve been saving for years, without completely breaking the bank. Once you’ve narrowed down your guest list, you’re guaranteed to have a much closer connection to every guest. This will make those little touches, like custom invitations and “day-of” timelines, all the more meaningful.

Husband and wife crossing the streets of NYC in masks
Bride and groom exciting a vintage taxi after their micro wedding
Vintage taxi outside of beautiful Brownstone, while bride and groom cheer on the front steps.

Having fewer people attend doesn’t mean you have to forgo important experiences like cake cutting, toasts, and dancing. Don’t cancel the dream cake you’d booked, just order a smaller one! Even if your budget changes and you can’t go with all of the touches, a micro wedding gives you the freedom to potentially still use some of the vendors you had originally booked—just on a smaller scale. 

Catie & Patrick’s Micro Wedding

One of my most recent shoots was for Catie and Patrick, who hosted their very own micro wedding. It was breathtaking! By having fewer guests, you open up the world of unique spaces. Many spots just aren’t possible if you have a larger wedding. Catie and Patrick opted to have their ceremony at Grand Banks on Pier25 in Manhattan. There were just 5 people (including me!) After the private ceremony, 6 of their closest friends came and joined them for a late lunch out on the boat deck. After snacking and cheersing, the couple took a 3-hour cruise on a boat around New York City!

In the future, when COVID-19 has passed, I hope people will come to realize that a smaller wedding might fit their needs better than a big one. Maybe after all of this, people will no longer feel the need to have the big party just for the sake of doing so!