A Guide to Wedding Photos

When it comes to wedding photos, the attention is all turned to the happy spouses. The magic of the wedding day, the adorable emotions, and of course, the beautiful dresses must be immortalized in sexy shots.

To always have your wedding photos at your glance, immortalize them as wonderful wall decorations. Choose from different materials and shapes, and make unique wall decorations using wedding photos!

This guide will give you tips to better plan your wedding photoshoot in New York.

Establish the style of your wedding photos

The first step in planning your wedding photoshoot in New York is deciding which style best represents you. Look for examples and get inspired by the photoshoots of other married couples. 

Find the right photographer for you

While researching the style, you’ve probably already stumbled upon a couple of photographers. Knowing what you want is important to narrow your search for a Wedding Photographer. Together you can better plan your wedding photos. 

Therefore, an in-person meeting with the photographer is particularly important to understand if you are on the same page. Only when the impression is positive, you like the photographer’s ideas and feel comfortable, can you proceed and book your wedding photoshoot.

A bride smiles at the camera in her bridal robe on her wedding day
A bride holds her wedding bouquet full of greenery
A gold and white table setting at a wedding reception
A groom dips his bride in a kiss on the streets on New York City

Look for a location for the wedding photos

Before shooting, make sure you have found the right setting so that both you and the photographer can prepare accordingly. It would be best to decide the location together since your Wedding Photographer can suggest good spots.

Choose the right moment for the shooting

In order not to make the guests wait too long, choose the right time for the wedding photos in advance. Usually, the bride and groom prefer to proceed with the shooting before the reception, when the look is still fresh and intact and while the guests are busy moving from the church or town hall to the reception venue, where a small refreshment awaits them. If, on the other hand, you prefer to shoot during the reception, make sure to provide activities for your guests. For example, invite them to use the “photo booth” or fill in the guest register. The more activities you prepare for your guests, the less your absence will be noticed.


If the Wedding Photographer, the location, and the date for the wedding photoshoot have been established, you can already think about the poses in which you would like to be portrayed and practice them before the shoot. Some concrete examples showing what you have in mind will make the photographer’s job easier. In front of a mirror or with a smartphone camera, you can test and optimize facial expressions, gestures, posture, etc., in advance. Many photographers like Jenny Fualso offer a kind of dress rehearsal for the newlyweds in the chosen location, to test the lights, effects, and desired poses but also to establish the necessary equipment – all of course without wedding clothes, makeup, or hairstyle.

Sparks flying as a bride and groom share their first dance as husband and wife
A bridal pantsuit with white flowers
Confetti falls from the ceiling at a wedding reception