Why You NEED a Digital Wedding Photo Booth…aka a “Futobooth” At Your Reception

Are you considering the addition of a digital wedding photo booth (or FutoBooth, as we call ours) to your wedding reception? If so, this excites me! Wedding Photo Booths have experienced an ebb and flow in popularity over the years, but since the digital Wedding Photo booth was invented, I believe they are one of the best forms of entertainment for your guests that you can add to your reception. Our FutoBooth is SO MUCH FUN!

This new age of photo booths are miles ahead of the old, traditional photo booths. They don’t print anything—I know right! Crazy! Instead, they show their mad love for the environment and promote social sharing by saving paper and offering users the option to download their photos from an online gallery directly onto their phones. Even better, they ALSO offer videos, GIFs and Boomerangs. How cool is that and what could be funnier than old Uncle Bob and Auntie Kathy bumping hips in the photobooth, again and again, in a Boomerang. The BEST!

Woman downloading her picture from a Photo Booth.

And, unlike those traditional photo booths of the past that provided poor quality photos, these new digital wedding photo booths (like the one I offer my clients) produce stunning, high-quality images, ready to share with the world. All we need is a power outlet and a venue that offers WiFi or AirDrop directly onto a guest’s iPhone!

Still need convincing? Okay, check out these really rad reasons that adding a digital wedding photo booth to your reception is a fantastic idea!

A Digital Wedding Photo Booth provides the BEST party favors…ever!

There is nothing better than having your guests walk away at the end of the night—after a long day filled with a never-ending love, laughter, big emotions, and constant activity—with a funny photo or two on their phones and social media that will always remind them of your big day and the part they played in it. Gone are the days of wedding selfies with the bride and groom in poor lighting! Now couples can invite their guests to join them in the digital wedding booth and everyone can walk away with a fun, high-quality memento of the happy couple! As an added bonus, this is the kind of wedding favor that people are going to keep forever because they were part of making it and it’s conveniently stored in their phones! Plus, the bride and groom also have the option of downloading all of the digital wedding photo booth images, so they, too, get some sweet souvenirs of their guests!

Group at wedding using the photobooth.

Offering your guests a tangible memory that includes them wearing fun wedding booth props, makes them giggle and reminds them how much fun they had is one of the nicest gifts you can give the people you love.

A Wedding Photo Booth is a fantastically fun time filler.

All weddings have periods of downtime where the happy couple is off doing photos or are making the rounds after dinner to say hi and welcome all their guests, so it’s always a great idea to provide guests with something fun to do during the downtime. The longer people have to play around the digital wedding photo Booth, the funnier the photos become. As the night goes by, those hilarious photos will be posted on the online gallery for the couple and guests to chuckle at. From young to old, everybody understands what a photo booth is for and why it’s fun! And who doesn’t enjoy dressing up, goofing around, letting loose and making some hilarious photo, GIF, or Boomerang magic with family and friends.

A Wedding Photo Booth is a great way to get photos of all of your guests, even the shy ones!

Wedding days can be hectic and, try as they might, couples often miss greeting some guests, so a digital wedding photo booth can be the perfect way to make sure you know exactly who attended your wedding. It’s easy enough to request that everybody visit the booth at least once so you can collect photos in the online gallery. Then, it’s much easier to know exactly who was there when you are doing social posts and tagging people or sending out thank yous.

Wedding guests at a wedding using the photobooth.

If you were thinking of adding a digital wedding photo booth to your reception, let’s chat! I happen to have one and I love bringing it to weddings and giving my clients some extra fun memories of the best day of their lives yet!