Choosing Your Wedding Photographer to Make Your Day Memorable

Wedding photos are not just regular photos, they’re your memories! That is why it is so imperative to choose the perfect photographer that you like both professionally and personally. You will share an important day in your life with this person. Your photographer must be personable enough to capture your feelings, experiences, and most importantly, your future wedding memories.

How to Choose Your Photographer and make your day memorable

First, decide what you want from your wedding photos. How do you see them? This will help to determine how many hours you will need from a wedding photographer on your wedding day. The more clearly you represent the role of a photographer at your wedding, the better the result will be! It will be easier for the photographer to work with you, which will be a pleasant experience for you and your guests.

Next, decide whether you want your wedding photography to be classic or more experimental. Remember that it is better to visit fewer places and take more memorable photos than trying to be on time everywhere and in the end only get tired.

And, of course, pay attention not only to the photographer’s portfolio but also to how much you like them as a person. It should be pleasant and comfortable for you to work with the photographer, then you will not feel constrained. This will ensure that the photos turn out natural and vivid. It’s great if you understand each other perfectly.

Bride in her wedding dress with the veil blowing in the wind with her wedding photographer
A flower girl poses for the wedding photographer with a big smile.
A bride holds her white floral bouquet while the wedding photographer takes her picture

Photographer search methods

In social networks. You can review a large number of wedding photography without leaving your home! From Pinterest to Instagram, you can easily search hashtags to find your ideal vendor. I suggest that you immediately contact the photographer, clarify prices and shooting conditions and make an appointment.

I advise you to watch not only individual Instagram posts but also whole series from weddings on their personal websites. This will help you to evaluate what the photographer pays attention to, and how they photograph important moments. And do not rely solely on the photographer; find their reviews!

Through friends. If your friends or acquaintances have already been married and hired a professional, you can use their advice. On the one hand, this is a very convenient and safe option – you will be advised by really proven professionals who you can rely on. On the other hand, you should carefully consider the recommendations; after all, everyone has different tastes!

The style of the wedding photographer’s work and the cost of their services may not suit you. I always suggest a personal meeting, which will allow you to realize that this is or is not “your person.” This is a huge decision, so I advise you to be very careful about such a choice and, in any case, carefully study the work of the photographer!

Conclusion: Start your search early! This gives you time to find the best of the best, get acquainted with examples of their work, and contact the specialists you are interested in.

Bride and groom walk hand in hand for their wedding photographer
A groom embraces his bride and her veils blows in the wind.