Your Wedding Needs a Photo Booth

Freestanding photo booth with backdrop at a wedding reception

Let’s face it, everyone loves piling in front of a photo booth and taking silly photos. Add some fun props in there, and you’ve got hours of fun for your guests! Did you know that there is a new age of photo booths out there? Unlike traditional photo booths, these new booths are environmentally friendly because they don’t print anything! Plus, they offer the option for your guests to download their images directly onto their phone. As if that’s not enough, these new photo booths even have GIF and Boomerang options, much like Instagram stories!

Traditional photo booths offer low-quality photos. Digital wedding photo booths produce high-quality images, ready to share with your guests. All you need is a power outlet and a venue that offers WiFi so you can AirDrop directly onto a guest’s iPhone! The next morning, the bride and groom can review all of the guest’s photos. Weddings can be hectic and, try as they might, couples often miss greeting some guests. A digital wedding photo booth can be the perfect way to make sure you get photos of who attended your wedding. 

Wedding party making silly gestures for a photo booth

Photo Booth Favors

Consider requesting that everyone drop by the photo booth at least once. After that, you can collect photos in the online gallery! This will ensure no one feels left out when posting and tagging people on social or sending out thank yous. You can also think of this investment as an alternative to the classic wedding favor! Offering your guests a tangible memory reminds them of how much fun they had. 

Have I mentioned yet that I have one of these fabulous booths?! Yep, you read that right! And I haven’t even touched on the customizing capabilities! Before your wedding, we can load photos of you and your spouse as the screensaver. At Alexa and Adrian’s wedding, we even had a “Please Sanitize” reminder!

A digital wedding photo booth screensaver promoting sanitizing hands.

That’s another great piece about the digital photo booth. They’re COVID friendly. You don’t have to worry about people piling into a curtained booth. Or touching a small metal slot to grab their memento. All your guests have to do is input their phone number or email, and VOILA! They’ve got high-resolution images of themselves at your wedding ready to instantly share.

If you’re sold, let’s talk! If we’ve got a wedding booked together, it’s really simple for me to include this feature at your wedding as an add-on!